The Team At Tascon

Cade and Chris – Junior Foreman

These two are driven, motivated, hardworking individuals who have a natural knack for what they do. Every day they turn up for work with a smile on their faces, jokes being made, and keen to get going with the day ahead.

Jaime and Tarwera – Leading Hands

These two are the up and coming generation, ready to lead the charge as soon-to-be foremen. Jaime is more operator and earthworks focused. He is a gun on the diggers, an ace at organising his equipment, and he will definitely speak up if he has a better way of doing things. Tarwera is our carpenter. With a background in form working, his skills are being fine tuned to carry out the more visual works such as retaining walls and fencing.

Toi – Foreman

Toi is one tough son of a gun. The bulk of his industry experience and general knowledge comes from spending 30 years in the forestry industry. Toi is a specialist at the fiddly, niggly works that require a bit of thinking outside the box.

Lee – Barrier Foreman

Lee is our barrier install expert. His team of guys will punch barrier in like you have never seen before. Starting with the original Askew Contracting in 2007, Lee is the longest serving staff member and has the ability to deliver a project to everyone’s satisfaction.

Toby Glass

Director & Construction Manager

Toby has only entered the work force in the last 5 years but has already made a name for himself on and off site.

Once he completed a Degree in Construction Management, he started with Tascon as a trainee. Toby started at the bottom of the ladder to gain experience that only comes from the work site.

Just because he has a University Degree did not mean he could jump up the ladder. Toby has had to prove himself at every step. This is evident in his ability in organising projects and directing staff with 10 or 20 years experience in an industry known for straight talking. He has mastered the art of communication with his peers and is comfortably dealing with everybody from labourers on site to CEOs and high ranking government officials.

Toby’s performance on and off site is proof that he is competent and capable of any challenges that come his way.

Gregor Lamont

Director & Contracts Manager

Multi-skilled and multi-talented, his extensive experience includes planning, coordination, quality control, personnel management, and Health and Safety for infrastructure projects. These skill sets have been developed as he has moved ‘through the ranks’. Gregor has a reputation as a first class supervisor and is experienced in the operation of everything from 60 tonne cranes to excavators and road trains.

Gregor is responsible for ensuring the projects comply with client specification and will provide specialist advice to site/yard staff including safety, witness and hold points, methodologies, job safety & environment assessments, ITPs and program milestones.

Jemma Morgan

Administration Manager & Contract Support

Jemma is front of house when it comes to the Tascon office, she is here to help with any quires and question you have, overall she is here to ensure the smooth running of the business from the inside. She is also diving in deep with lending a helping hand in her role as contract support, she is responsible for ensuring our contracts are up to date, and looking spic and span.